Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Open Government Partnership

ogp-irm color ptReviewing Canada’s OGP Commitments

My new Canadian open government assessment contains an analysis of all the commitments made in the federal government's second open government action plan. It also contains a series of recommendations for moving forward. In addition to recommendations for improving the consturction of future commitments, engagement, the coordination of federal strategic documents, and resources, the report also contains five major 'SMART' recommendations. These are recommendations that are meant to be specific, measurable, accountable, relevant, and time-bound: 


1. Reform and improve implementation of the Access to Information Act.

2. Overhaul the Advisory Committee to become an active, permanent dialogue mechanism around the OGP and improve meaningful public dialogue, to move beyond informing and consulting to enhanced citizen collaboration and empowerment..

3. Support the collection and analysis of additional Canadian data while increasing the diversity and quality of datasets available.

4. Ensure that commitments made in future action plans are supported by proper resources to facilitate the work of the public servants responsible for implementing the plan. This would enhance the potential for successful implementation.

5. Develop and publicize a clear policy on the preservation of digital material.

Questions and Interest

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